Sunday, June 28, 2009

Officially a stay at home mom for the summer

I am experiencing staying at home with my precious little ones. It has been a challenge learning how to entertain 2 two year olds. This is my first summer with both of them and it is a lot of work, Almost as much as 18 third graders. I have to plan and keep them busy. We are learning lots of new concepts. It has been really fun teaching them new things and getting to be the one see them grow day to day.

We have enjoyed having picnics, doing crafts, swimming, going to the gym(for mommy's sake), grocery shopping during the day when it is not crowded, doing laundry on time, cooking together, and really getting time to blend our family.

Swimming Lessons

The kids took swimming lessons at the local YMCA for two weeks. Boy was an adventure not for the kids, but for mommy and daddy:)

The test after the lesson

We took them swimming after they had been in their lessons and they did very well. I feel so much more comfortable having them in the pool, now that they know what to do when their face goes under water. Elyse continues to be brave and slides down the slide on her belly and jumps into the pool without an adult watching. She wants to take her swimming vest off and touch the bottom of the pool. Hunter is now getting used to using his legs and arms to make him move. He is getting more comfortable with the water in his face. They both made great strides.

Discovering the joy of sand in your bathing suit

We went to PCB on a Friday. We cut a cold watermelon and brought a lunch. We lasted about 3 hours and then the heat got to us. But the kids loved it and got over their fear of the huge waves.

An oasis in the heat

Diva Shoes

Elyse calls shoes with a heel Diva Shoes. She loves to be a "diva." make-up, bows in her hair, dresses, and now mommy's high heel shoes. She has even got Hunter onto the idea.

A milkshake brings the family together